A letter to you, my future client (maybe).

My name is Maxime Doucet-Benoit, I write content and build marketing strategies for tech B2B businesses.

I was a pretty well-behaved child, but sometimes I’d throw tantrums. I think all kids do at one point in their lives. My mom would always look at me and softly tell me “Use your words if you want me to listen to you”.

Very early on, that phrase instilled in me the notion that if something isn’t going my way, I should use my words to fix it. It made me realize that literally anything can be achieved if you use the right words.

If you’re here, you probably want to:

  • Get more people to visit your website
  • Shorten your sales cycle
  • Increase the subscriber count of your newsletter
  • Convert more visitors into clients
  • Make more money (yeah okay that one is a given huh?)

I can make that happen for you.

My specialty is creating content for💻 B2B tech companies with products that are difficult to explain 😅. Give me your CTO and engineers for an hour and I’ll make your product sound good ✨.

It's simple: We all have a story to tell, but we've all forgotten to be storytellers.

We're often too focused on the next product iteration, the next funding round, or the last campaign metrics. A business has so many moving parts, it's very adept at throwing us off course from what really matters.

Blog posts, emails, guides, e-books, they're all just chapters of one big story.

I'll show 👉 you how to tell it.

⚠️ A few warnings:

  • I say no a lot. I only work with companies that make me excited, whether it’s their product or their values. There’s no real rhyme or reason to it, but I simply don’t work well if I don’t feel passionate about the subject.
  • Content is about consistency. It takes time, it takes care. I only accept contracts that are 6 months or longer(most of my clients have been with me for years). I sometimes do one-off projects, but those are a lot more expensive.
  • I don’t charge by the word. I don’t charge by the hour. I don’t charge by the piece. I price based on the value I know I can bring to your company. So let’s chat and I’ll give you a price on the spot. (My services start at 2500$/month, to give you an idea)

🤝 I work how you need me to.

I write all types of content from blogs, emails, social posts all the way to ghost writing entire books. I also build content strategies and do some paid advertising.

Some of my clients talk to me twice a month to give me writing subjects and to review the texts. Others have me embedded in their team and talk to me every day to build their marketing strategy and oversee the writing of the content by their team.

I only ever have 5 at the same time.

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Talk soon,